The Power of Prayer and a Planner

Hey y’all! I want to thank everyone for the good feedback and vibes that have been sent my way in the past few hours since starting this journey. I am here to encourage, empower, and talk with you.

One of my favorite ways to start my day, after the craziness of our morning has calmed, is to pray. I am a Jesus lover and I will sprinkle a little bit of his love in each of my posts. Don’t worry, I will not bombard you with scripture but I am a firm believer and its important for me to share that with you. Also, I know in my intro post that I wanted to focus on material for moms and wives but I just want to welcome women in general. Men, I’d love to help y’all too. So here’s the only advice I can give you… yes, we are crazy, we know it, and you have to love us for it.

So, let’s move on. Aside from conversing with Jesus every morning- which by the way is a great way to get your thoughts together because He doesn’t interrupt you, I use a planner to get through my day. I’m old school when it comes to keeping my life straight. Writing things down is where it’s at! My planner sits right on the counter next to the fridge because I have to open the fridge to get my coffee creamer first thing in the morning and Lord knows I will never not need my coffee. So naturally I check my planner. I also want to note that as I am talking about needing coffee my 11 month old is swiping his high chair tray full of eggs so that they land all over my floor. After I took the initiative to make him healthy eggs and not just give him a handful of cheese crackers. Kids are great aren’t they? Thank God my dogs are professional vacuums. So yeah, I need my coffee.

Anyways, back to the planner. Like most that carry a planner, its filled with a bunch of crap I don’t want to do. For example: laundry, pay this bill, give the dogs a bath, doctor appointments, etc. I began to think, what if I wrote down things I WANTED to do in addition to the inevitable chores that fill my day. It sounds silly and I realize that this is not going to happen all the time, but its a healthy thought. So just follow me.

If next to laundry I wrote “read for 20 minutes” (this is bringing me back to writing homework in my planner in second grade which I hated then, but now the thought of reading a book I enjoy with uninterrupted silence is GOLDEN). So, if put this in my planner I have to do it, right? So, while my son is napping today I will be reading and THEN I will cross “read for 20 minutes” off my list. The crossing off gives a sense of accomplishment and if I feel accomplished I keep right on going cause its a great feeling,

You see, doing things like “read for 20 minutes” is a need. Just as much as clean clothes. It’s important for us, all women & people in general, to take that time and read, go for a walk, meditate, pray, manifest in silence- whatever your thing is. I need to read for 20 minutes because when my son wakes up I will feel like I at least had some ME time. Rather than feeling like the household Cinderella, it creates a healthy mindset and makes YOU IMPORTANT, because my friend, you ARE important. And when you make yourself a priority, even for 20 minutes, I promise your household will run much smoother.

So I encourage you & even challenge you- Momma, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend- to just give yourself 20 minutes each day. You may have to squeeze it in. I know we’re all busy. But take it when you can get it. Do what it takes to make you important and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty. That mom guilt is a real B-word.

It all starts with Jesus, you, and maybe a planner.

-Savy J